FileMaker Server

FileMaker Database Development

For 30 years we have been creating systems using FileMaker.

Our FileMaker Clients are businesses requiring the recording and tracking of their Sales, Accounts, marketing and Service departments.

FileMaker Server Filemaker Pro
FileMaker CRM for Mac, Windows and Mobile

We develop bespoke CRM systems that present data and interface specifically to what the client needs thereby focusing on a UI and UX that an off-the-self product with training does not.

Recently we have been helping Microsoft Windows users move to FileMaker on Mac and Windows PC from their ageing Microsoft Access database.

We program Single User and Multi-Users solutions, running on Desktop, Shared or from a Mac or PC Server running FileMaker Server.

The annual licensing from FileMaker makes it even easier to get started.

After the initial Development we continue to Modify and Adapt our clients systems to match their companies growth, to onboard and train new staff and to meet the ongoing business plan.

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