Regular Monitoring and Care

Don’t waste your valuable time worrying about your Servers.

We can install and manage your Servers giving you the peace of mind that they are running efficiently and securely whilst delivering everything you need to run a successful business so that staff are efficient and work is easier.

Our 24/7/365 service allows you to get on with your day job safe in the knowledge that your servers are being cared for by experts because even the most perfect machine needs human oversight.

Maintenance and  Efficiency

We will monitor your Servers on a daily basis to ensure efficiency and prevent problems arising so downtime is prevented rather than experienced and that leads to efficiency and increased production for you..

Our server services include:

  • Specification – we can help you choose the right hardware
  • Installation and set up
  • Day-to-day monitoring
  • Set up user accounts and licenses
  • Set up backups and recovery procedures
  • Manage all the hardware attached to your servers
  • Maintain quality and assurance for your clients, insurers and business partners
  • Set up and administer file sharing, email and ftp access
  • Security – we will ensure that your server is protected against external attacks
  • Safety – we will ensure that your server is positioned in the right environment for optimum safety and performance

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