JRP Pricing structure is as a Managed Service Provider for Mac Systems and as such we oversee all your I.T. from licensing and staff all the way through to 3rd party suppliers like Apple resellers, Adobe, your Broadband supplier and even your facilities/Electricians.

We provide daily pro-active monitoring of all your Devices, Data and Connectivity. No panic call-outs; realtime near-instant control.

Staff technical issues are balanced to the business workflows and guidance and house-keeping is applied.

To be this good takes time and resources  … and trust.

We don’t have a range of ‘Plans’.
We have only one Plan: Success!

We work directly with the FD and MD along with a named site contact to ensure everything is working like clockwork. That is our role as your IT director.

Each business is unique, even though the equipment might not always be so.

Prices include a base day(s) rate per month plus the number of devices and services.

This depends on the size our your company, the number of employees and/or the amount of equipment that all takes.

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